BL Polymers


A trusted and one of the oldest name in the PVC sanitary/bath products, i.e, B L Polymers. Started with cross handle taps, a quality and time tested product with our brand “Luxmi Deluxe” became one of the most popular brand in PVC bath fittings.

In our dedicated journey for surpassing Plastic Products we introduced a wide range of other innovative products like PVC- Short body , Angle cock , Long body and still continuing with more such products.

Company Profile

Bath Fittings

Bath fittings series comprises of taps, washing machine taps, wall mounted taps, two way taps, showers and so on.

Our Bath Fittings Range

Accessories & Fittings

Accessories & fittings series comprises of building construction material like pvc pipe joint, pvc jointer (royal union), pipe reducer, watse coupling, floor taps and so on.

Our Accessories & Fittings Range


Valves series comprises of ball cock with or without rod & ball, cistern ball cock etc.

Our Valves Range

Quality Assurance

Also being an ISO 9001 : 2015 it inspires us to give our clients best quality products at unprejudiced cost. Leading with our innovations, brands & latest technologies.

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Our Strategy

We have a clear long term strategy which is based on our purpose, vision, mission and values. It is the foundation which helps us successfully to share the Company.

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Plastic Water Taps

Bathroom fittings have come a long way from the days when they had to be bronze or chrome to look stylish. Plastic water taps were considered tacky, and meant only for those on a shoestring budget. Our plastic water taps aren’t relegated for use only in the garden. The swan neck long spout and the high arc faucet with the crystal handle spell elegance. These could be used for wall mounted taps used to fill buckets, or for wall mounted wash basins from which water is drawn to fill diverse vessels. Plus, you must keep in mind whether the plastic water taps are needed for a new place, or whether your establishment — home or workplace — is being renovated.

What many people overlook is that plastic taps are worth every rupee they cost simply because they are corrosion free. Easy installation gets your work done faster. Especially, when you are setting up a new home or office, you don’t want to be tripping over the plumber all the time as there is so much else to oversee.

Best Taps Manufacturers in India

As manufacturers of different kinds of taps, we understand how your bathroom fittings could well be your style statement. You might like it flamboyant, or you might want it understated and low key, especially if the washroom is being constructed for an office or a high-end hotel. Since your requirements are crucial to us, we promote designs and styles which make ease of use and convenience the guiding principles. We appreciate the value of manufacturing taps made of engineered polymer.

If you are redoing your bathroom, ask yourself whether it is simply to give it a makeover, or do you need to carry out extensive repairs and replace fittings that need to retire. You should ask the tap manufacturer from whom you source the washroom fittings on the comparative merits and demerits of the taps on offer. Just keep in mind that what is appropriate for a kitchen sink may not necessarily be appropriate for a bathroom basin, and vice versa.